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Charlie and the Pepe Silvia Conspiracy - Always Sunny

3 Internet Conspiracy Theories That They Don’t Want You to Know

In the age of fake news, conspiracy theories have found new life. These are the most insane kinds of conspiracies on the internet, from false flags to evil cabals.

Cinderella Engagement Ring

12 Disney Princess Engagement Rings to Die For

Ever wondered what kind of engagement ring Prince Charming is picking out for his freshly rescued princess? Or what kind of ring a strong and financially independent princess might buy for herself?

Lifeboat John Steinbeck Alfred Hitchcock

Why Representation Matters: A battle 70 Years in The Making & Still Going Strong

Diversity in media and positive representation is important, it affects children’s self-esteem and society’s race and gender relations. It has been an issue of contention for over seventy years, as made apparent by John Steinbeck’s letter to 20th Century Fox.

Analysis: The Zombie Genre

The zombie genre as we know it today has been in the making since early cinema.

While beginning as a minor monster featured in early horror films, the zombie has become a tool that reveals cultural anxieties in the modern world.

Paratextuality in The Walking Dead and more

How Media Producers Use Paratextuality To Their Advantage

Paratextuality and media convergence is making for increasingly connected franchises. In this video, I explain paratextuality and use The Walking Dead franchise as a case study to discuss fan-made paratexts.

Mary Magazine Jillian Goodman

Issimo: Crowdfunding: A feminist revolution?

Crowdfunding has become a viable way to finance events and projects by women who would otherwise be voiceless, writes Rhiann McNally.
The idea for Mary Review came to Jillian Goodman while daydreaming on a road trip in August last year.

Martin Martini & Rhiann McNally

Martin Martini & The Bone Palace Orchestra reunite for SLAM Day

Martin Martini reunited with the Bone Palace Orchestra for two shows at Bar Open in February. Veteran fans were pleased to see the cult band return in honour of SLAM (Save Live Australian Music) Day.

Feminist Frequency Tropes Vs Women

Feminist Frequency: A Must-See for All Media Students

The Tropes Vs Women series explores and analyses the representations of women in media, from film and TV to video games.

The Bechdel Test

Does Your Favourite Movie Stack Up?

The Bechdel Test is a handy way to see if a movie features a realistic number and complete characters of women.

Black Fox and their first single.

Melbourne indie-rock band, Black Fox is celebrating their first single release since changing their name from The Smoke, at The Workers Club this coming Saturday. The new name came after a change of the band members. Andrei Seleznev, the new bassist for Black Fox, describes the difference between the new music and the old as […]