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Oscar Wilde

Neutral.Love: Love Letters

Tinder & text messages haven’t killed the love letter. Find out how to write a love letter, and get some inspiration from history’s famous lovers.

Academic, writer and advocate, Kerry Tucker

Upstart: Studying Behind Bars

Kerry Tucker got her Master’s while serving time in prison. Read more about her inspirational story and find out what it’s like to study behind bars.

Water Photography by Haley Kigbo

Neutral.Love: Your Summer Guide to Getting it On in the Water

As summer heats up, many would prefer to get hot & heavy in cool water than a stuffy bedroom. Get the low down on sex at the beach now!

Love Haley Kigbo

Neutral.Love: Is Romance Dead?

We asked Neutral.Love readers what they thought of romance in the digital age, why is romance important, and if it’s truly dead, who killed it?

Lex Mak Mr Gumbatron

Neutral.Love: Boosting Self Confidence with Style

Find out how to boost self-confidence through fashion with Instagram style icon, Lex Mak, the man behind Mr. Gumbatron.

Couple having fun

Neutral.Love: Building Self-Confidence in a Relationship

Everyone struggles with self-confidence issues at some point in their life. We spoke to relationship expert, Melissa Ferrari about building self-confidence.

Upstart: 5 Ways to Start Thinking Positively

With 65% of students suffering from high levels of stress, these 5 Positive Psychology life hacks could give you the tools you need to make the most of Uni.

Hands making a heart

Neutral.Love: The Exciting History of Masturbation

Masturbation is safe, easy & completely healthy. But it wasn’t always viewed this way. Learn more about the history of jerkin’ it. (Caution: Contains Puns)

intrauterine device IUD

Neutral.Love: Exploring Contraception

Finding the right contraceptive is a frustrating process, inequitably shouldered by people with uteri. This is Neutral.Love’s guide to contraceptives.

Fighting couple

Neutral.Love: Couples Therapy: Debunking the Myths

No two words can bring a chill down the spines of a quibbling couple quite like couples therapy. We bust some couples therapy myths!