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Artwork by Gemma Flack

Gemma Flack’s Cute Girls & Cool Zines

Nestled between two big gray and brown industrial buildings, Gemma Flack’s house stands out. The red fence and mint painted exterior looks like a beacon of creative energy. Her crate furnished courtyard is littered with potted succulents, a colourful and stimulating sight from Gemma’s studio. Her desk is neatly organised, with pens and pencils ordered by colour, waiting to be used in some wild fit of imagination. This is where Gemma draws her vivid heroines and writes her zines.

Michael Cook Table

Issimo: Beyond the Brew

Tea becomes the muse of artists in a new exhibition, writes Rhiann McNally.
A silver tea set is arranged on a low table in a lavish early-19th century parlour. Nearby two indigenous women are dressed in finery normally associated with the wives of their colonial masters.

Anti-Islamophobia Rally Melbourne

Anti-Islamophobia Rally, 19th October 2014

Photos, tweets and vines from the anti-islamophobia Rally at the State Library on the 19th of October.

Banyule Council

Banyule Council Commemorates Those Passed

Mayor Wayne Phillips held a minute’s silence at the Banyule Council Meeting on Monday for three residents who had died recently.

Marmoset brings the art.

Melbourne folk band, Marmoset are making an impact on audiences with their surprising instrumentation, and their artistic atmosphere, offering music and art at their performances. Their very first gig at The Evelyn brought together some talented bands, such as A Art, The Menstrual Cycle, and Yorque. As well as displaying paintings, sculptures and installation pieces […]

Black Fox and their first single.

Melbourne indie-rock band, Black Fox is celebrating their first single release since changing their name from The Smoke, at The Workers Club this coming Saturday. The new name came after a change of the band members. Andrei Seleznev, the new bassist for Black Fox, describes the difference between the new music and the old as […]