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Water Photography by Haley Kigbo

Neutral.Love: Your Summer Guide to Getting it On in the Water

As summer heats up, many would prefer to get hot & heavy in cool water than a stuffy bedroom. Get the low down on sex at the beach now!

Couple having fun

Neutral.Love: Building Self-Confidence in a Relationship

Everyone struggles with self-confidence issues at some point in their life. We spoke to relationship expert, Melissa Ferrari about building self-confidence.

Hands making a heart

Neutral.Love: The Exciting History of Masturbation

Masturbation is safe, easy & completely healthy. But it wasn’t always viewed this way. Learn more about the history of jerkin’ it. (Caution: Contains Puns)

intrauterine device IUD

Neutral.Love: Exploring Contraception

Finding the right contraceptive is a frustrating process, inequitably shouldered by people with uteri. This is Neutral.Love’s guide to contraceptives.