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Artwork by Gemma Flack

Gemma Flack’s Cute Girls & Cool Zines

Nestled between two big gray and brown industrial buildings, Gemma Flack’s house stands out. The red fence and mint painted exterior looks like a beacon of creative energy. Her crate furnished courtyard is littered with potted succulents, a colourful and stimulating sight from Gemma’s studio. Her desk is neatly organised, with pens and pencils ordered by colour, waiting to be used in some wild fit of imagination. This is where Gemma draws her vivid heroines and writes her zines.

Mary Magazine Jillian Goodman

Issimo: Crowdfunding: A feminist revolution?

Crowdfunding has become a viable way to finance events and projects by women who would otherwise be voiceless, writes Rhiann McNally.
The idea for Mary Review came to Jillian Goodman while daydreaming on a road trip in August last year.

Feminist Frequency Tropes Vs Women

Feminist Frequency: A Must-See for All Media Students

The Tropes Vs Women series explores and analyses the representations of women in media, from film and TV to video games.

The Bechdel Test

Does Your Favourite Movie Stack Up?

The Bechdel Test is a handy way to see if a movie features a realistic number and complete characters of women.