Neutral.Love: Is Romance Dead?

Famous romance literary pioneer, Elinor Glyn once wrote “Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze. ” But in 2017, many are questioning whether romance still exists. We asked our readers what they thought of romance in the digital age, why is romance important, and if it’s truly dead, who killed it?

According to respondents to our little survey, the most sparkling quality of romance is that it brings happiness and shows you care. “It helps to create and bring a lot of happiness and the feeling of being really loved,” one respondent told us.

To some romance is fun and fulfilling, to others it is an essential part of a relationship. “Just caring for each other is great”, said one caring individual. “It makes you feel good within yourself. You feel wanted, you feel desired and everyone wants that,” another said.

Although, some admitted to finding it a little much (“I think a bit of romance never hurt anyone but it can be a bit over the top and sickening”), one reader expressed the importance of romance with a line deserving of the embroidery treatment: “Life without romance is like food without seasoning. Bland.”

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