Marmoset brings the art.

Melbourne folk band, Marmoset are making an impact on audiences with their surprising instrumentation, and their artistic atmosphere, offering music and art at their performances.

Their very first gig at The Evelyn brought together some talented bands, such as A Art, The Menstrual Cycle, and Yorque. As well as displaying paintings, sculptures and installation pieces from local artists.

Marmoset consists of Chantelle Matutini, Lisa Ganderton and Jessica Simpson. Their love of music was what brought them together.

Jessica recounts meeting Lisa at a Boy and Bear gig, the two instantly clicked. They attended several more gigs together before meeting Chantelle at another Boy and Bear gig. “Our love of Boy and Bear united us”.

Lisa and Chantelle had been performing together when they came across a recording of Jessica singing a rendition of The Beatles’ Til There Was You on her blog. “Chantelle suggested I come and have a jam with them and ever since then we’ve been a trio”.

Jessica says that the bands influences are “The modern folk bands that are popular right now : Laura Marling, First Aid Kit and Mountain Man.”

“We play a variety of instruments, and we’re not tied down to just one. I play the ukulele, Lisa and Chantelle play guitar, there’s a kazoo, a xylophone and we all sing, we call our genre Harmonious Sparkle Folk. And when you hear us – you understand why.”

The girls searched for obsure animals to name their band after – they came across Marmoset, but according to Jessica, it’s unlikely to stick. “There are a couple of American bands named Marmoset, mostly heavy metal bands – so we may change it.”

Writing the songs is a collaborative project. “We’re in the process of building our repertoire and we’re writing all the time.”

There are plans to record in August and to tour in Summer. Jessica said that performing is “nerve-wracking, but it’s a rush and when the audience gets into it, it’s rewarding.”

You can see Marmoset perform at The Brunswick Hotel, Saturday September 15th. 

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