Crown Employee Denies Changing His Story

Crown Casino by Flickr User Paolo Rosa

A Crown marketing manager has denied changing his account of what happened the night one of China’s wealthiest men allegedly assaulted a pregnant casino employee.  

Xiangcai Yun has plead not guilty to indecent assault and false imprisonment charges, denying he fondled the woman and prevented her from exiting an elevator.

According to marketing manager Herbert Jia’s statement to police, Yun “pulled the greeter’s hands” and said told her that they were going to have dinner, as they entered the elevator.

Jia communicated through an interpreter on Monday, insisting his wording in the statement was misunderstood due to his limited English.

Jia said that Yun did not pull the woman into the elevator, but shook and held her hands as she accompanied them into the elevator.

Prosecutor, Rebekah Sleeth questioned Jia attempting to ascertain whether or not he had deliberately changed his testimony.

Jia said “What I meant then and now is the same”. He claimed detectives had asked him to use one word to describe what had happened.

Detective Mary White, who had collected his statement informed the court through the prosecution that no such thing was said.

Jia and his colleague were accompanying Yun to a family dinner at a Crown restaurant. As they were leaving the 39th floor Yun and the woman began chatting in their common Shanghai dialect.

The woman claims Yun pulled her into the elevator. After he discovered his phone was missing he asked the Crown employees to retrieve it, and then it is alleged he assaulted her.

Jia said when he returned to the elevator and opened the door, Yun was not touching the woman but they were standing closer together.

When asked how the woman looked, Jia referred to his police statement, in which he said “She was unhappy and uncomfortable.”

The trial continues before Judge Jane Campton.

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