3 Internet Conspiracy Theories That They Don’t Want You to Know

The world is full of secrets, but these theories are a bit OTT.

In the age of fake news, conspiracy theories have found new life in the public consciousness. As the internet has made it easier to find like-minded people, the humble conspiracy theorist is no longer isolated.

These days you can find an internet forum for any paranoid fantasy. From anti-vaxxers to flat-earthers, there is a conspiracy to suit any suspicious thought.

People are so interested in conspiracy theories because the idea of a universe governed by design allows us to feel in control in a world that is chaotic.


How Do Conspiracy Theories Work?

As political scientist Michael Barkun explains in his book, there are three principles found in every conspiracy theory.

Firstly, nothing happens by accident. “Conspiracy implies a world based on intentionality,” Barkun writes. There are no coincidences, in the theorist’s mind, the world makes a lot more sense.

Secondly, nothing is as it seems. “Appearances are deceptive because conspirators wish to deceive in order to disguise their identities or their activities.”

And finally, everything is connected, “Hence the conspiracy theorist must engage in a constant process of linkage and correlation in order to map the hidden connections.”


There’s no disputing, conspiracy theories can be entertaining, but these conspiracy theorists take it to the next level.

These are three of the most insane conspiracy theories bouncing around the internet today.


1. A Secret Cabal is Controlling the World

In 2013, Public Policy Polling found that 28%of voters believe that a “secretive power elite” is conspiring to rule the world.

The Illuminati and the Freemasons still get a bad rap from conspiracy theorists.

However, these days New World Order organisations can range from the outlandish (reptilian, occultist, homo capensis), to the anti-Semitic, to the reactionary.

Globalists is a term that fits many NWO narratives and has become the cabal du jour, thanks in part to oddly popular, right-wing commentators, like Alex Jones.

Even the President of the United States (cough) Donald Trump openly discussed globalist conspiracy theories.

Alex Jones EPIC Anti-Globalist Rant (February 2017)

2. False Flag Operations are Rife

Name a major tragedy, and it’s likely that somewhere online you will find someone claiming that it was a false flag operation.

A false flag operation is a covert operation in which one entity carries out activities that deliberately make another entity look guilty.

False flag operations do happen, but conspiracy theorists would have you believe they are rife.

According to popular theories, 9/11 was orchestrated by the government and the Sandy Hook tragedy by gun control advocates.

Even recent events, like the Manchester terrorist attack and Charlottesville, have been touted as false flags operations.

So, what about all those grieving families who appear in the media? They are hired crisis actors, of course. As the father of Sandy Hook’s youngest victim can attest, this has led to victims of tragedies receiving torrents of abuse.

Speaking of…

3. The Great Global Warming Conspiracy Conspiracy

The climate change conspiracy is the mother of all conspiracy theories, because, for every angle, there is a theory.

The reigning theory is that global warming is a hoax, commissioned with ill-intent. There are also conspiracy theorists who believe that climate change is a ploy by an evil cabal. In one instance, the UN, who are looking to create a New World Order.

As reported in The Guardian in 2015, ex-Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s chief business adviser was an advocate for this theory.

Despite the evidence in support of climate change, the politics of the issue has clouded the public perception.

Even though America is the biggest carbon polluter in history, half of all American adults believe that either warming is due to natural causes, or that there is no evidence of warming at all.

This means that global warming scepticism could end up being the most powerful, and destructive conspiracy theory ever. Kinda hope they’re right on this one…

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