12 Disney Princess Engagement Rings to Die For

Ever wondered what kind of engagement ring Prince Charming is picking out for his freshly rescued princess? Or what kind of ring a strong and financially independent princess might buy for herself?

I did. So I had a little fun and designed rings using Glamira’s awesome interface and their gorgeous stock.

The whole crew is there, from the classy broads of yesteryear, Cinderella and Snow White, to the new kids on the block, Elsa, Rapunzel and Tiana.

From brilliant coloured diamonds to semi-precious, glitzy gemstones, colour is popping in engagement jewellery of late.

The rings picked out for the Disney princesses reflect that. Some rings are extravagant, some are contemporary, so are simple, all are so goddamn pretty.

In any case, I spent a stupid amount of time on this, and until I can afford to buy my own fancy rings, make-believe princess rings will have to do.




Cinderella Engagement Ring

Ariel | Aurora

Arial and Aurora's Engagement Rings


Tiana's Engagement Ring

Belle | Pocahontas

Belle and Pocahontas's Engagement Rings


Rapunzel's Engagement Rings

Snow White | Merida

Snow White and Merida's Engagement Rings

Mulan | Jasmine

Mulan and Jasmines Engagement Rings


Elsa's Engagement Ring


If you see something you love, stop by Glamira to see their whole range.

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